Have you ever felt harassed by a co-worker, manager, or supervisor at work? Or even by your own boss? We know how uncomfortable that can make you feel, especially when you are just trying to do your job and provide for yourself and your family.

Harassment in the workplace can interfere with your work performance and cause you to feel abused and intimidated. It can make going to work a dreadful experience. Harassment can come in many forms, including, verbal harassment, physical harassment, and visual harassment.

Verbal harassment can include unwelcome and derogatory comments or jokes, slurs, name calling, and threats of physical assault or abuse. Physical harassment can include unwelcome and unwanted touching or rubbing, and even physical assault. Visual harassment can include derogatory cartoons or drawings in and around the workplace as well as lewd and vulgar gestures or staring. Harassment can be based on your sex, race, age, religion, or national and ethnic origin. Sexual harassment is another type of harassment that can exist in the workplace. This type of harassment occurs when your job depends on the sexual favors that are asked of you, or where unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances are made toward you in the workplace. This behavior can cause you to feel humiliated and helpless and can even cause you to fear for your job security.

While your employer should take the appropriate steps to prevent and correct the unlawful harassment, we know that is not always the case. A lot of times, complaints of harassment go ignored or the victim is not believed by the employer. If you have been a victim of harassment in the workplace, you are covered by the California Constitution. Please contact our firm to discuss your potential case to exercise your lawful rights against your employer.